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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

How to Plan a Worship Service

Pencil2Cory, over at BuildingChurchLeaders.com sent me an email about an article you might be interested in over at BCL.  It includes nearly a half hour of video from Granger Community Church about how they plan their worship services.  Now you can actually sit in on the creative meetings and see how they are done.  (These videos were shared at last year's ICC and are really good.)  Also included is an article by Senior Pastor Mark Beeson that I think you'll enjoy. 

A noteable quote from Beeson:  "Our churches aren't trying to create some new thing. When we innovate, we're simply coming back to the same source, the same Jesus, and we're drinking that water. Jesus said, "I'm the living water; come to me, all you who are thirsty." When we plan a worship service, we simply find ways to help people connect with Jesus, the living water."

Here's the link...

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Personally, I found the first video interesting in an educational sort of way. They were laughing and having fun while bouncing around thoughts and ideas. They were truly planning ahead together.

I am curious though. How many of you truly plan ahead like that? Do you sit around together and let the creative juices flow? Are things handled more via e-mail, IM or phone call these days at your church? Or do you all just show up with your individual plans and just hope it all works out??? How many staff members are involved? Which areas?

C'mon people. Tell us what works and doesn't work according to your experiences.
Then tell us why.

If you don't answer, don't say no one ever cared to ask.

Posted by: Camey | May 23, 2006 5:17:33 PM

The videos scare me...

I'm into programming.. I'm a programming pastor, but.. we are pushing deeper and deeper as churches into complex staging and media, difficult drama presentations, overly challenging songs for the band, etc...

I've seen some churches that have 10, 15 even 30 people on their creative arts staff.

Our presentations rival Broadway shows.

I want to "leverage the arts" as much as the next guy...

But in a world that's screaming for authenticity, is programming the right answer?

I'm certainly not advocating a return to liturgy, or "lame" quality....

Isn't there something better?

Does the Holy Spirit need this much help?

I know.... I know....

I didn't really dig Sally's book...

Where is there a balance between "Real" and "Awesome"?

No, it's not that church in Idaho...They've determined that quality means "fake".(They do have a higher conversion rate than just about any church in the country however....)

Are these the only options?


High Quality Promgramming


Garage band worship followed by a 50 minute sermon

any other answers? (besides house/church)

Posted by: Doug | May 23, 2006 8:24:55 PM

I really like the spirit of coming back to Jesus (no pun intended)

I enjoyed Sally's book(s). But let's keep things in perspective. By that I mean the delicate balance between spirit and truth.

Remember the artistic factor as well. This is not science...

Art touches people differently - how can we expect to "win" everyone all the time? It is folly.

Posted by: Jim | May 24, 2006 3:48:40 PM

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