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Friday, May 20, 2005

For What It's Worth: Actual Church Stolen

Steal According to ChurchMarketingSucks.com, Point Hope United Methodist Church in Mount Pleasant, S.C. faced a unique challenge when their church was stolen. Their church was housed in a trailer which they parked and locked up until Sunday morning. Come last Sunday when church member Bill Yaeger went to pick up the church, it was gone.

The story on the theft on WCBD-TV's website says...

"We found the lock shattered on the ground and the simply took the trailer away." Said Jeremy Howell Pastor of Point Hope United Methodist Church.

Standing in an empty parking lot minister Jeremy Howell describes what he saw Sunday, after one of his church members told him that their church, which was housed in a trailer, was gone.

"Our Alter was in that trailer, our hymnals were inside the trailer we had a lot that were close to our hearts, > said Howell.

Pastor Howell calls the trailer was their church on wheels.

When it was not in use it was parked at Mount Pleasant's Tire and Auto specialist next to Highway 17 in plain view.

Every Sunday church members would pick it up and tow it to Jennie Moore Elementary where they would worship.

Church member Bill Yaeger was supposed to pick up the church on Sunday but when he arrived all he saw were tire tracks.

"It was kind of shocking, at first were as a congregation were mad, but then we realize that we just have to pull through," said Yaeger.

Now that would be a bummer... showing up for church on Sunday only to find it wasn't there.  Hope the crooks are enjoying all the Bibles and hymnals!

Have a great weekend!


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It takes everything out of me *not* to start in with the rapture jokes after reading this one :-)

Posted by: Phil in CA | May 20, 2005 9:20:49 PM

In 1998, less than a year after planting a church, our trailer was stolen. I know exactly how this church felt. I was the music director and along with the youth services director, we watched as out trailer was being hauled away. We thought a church member was taking the trailer for some needed repairs. We were wrong. Fortunately, we were insured. We were able to get better equipment for our portable church, and in the publicity, an open door to minister to the community while we were being ministered to.

Posted by: Peter Dodge | May 24, 2005 11:59:27 AM

Years ago there was a group who had a split in a rural community and one side
hitched a tractor to the small building and literally dragged the building across
the road and held services only to discover in a few weeks that the other group
hitched a tractor and dragged it back. This went on many times until one side

Satan has stolen many churches…I believe Jesus weeps because He isn’t there. The Pharisees and religious leaders are…the church is the body of Christ, individual believers, not a building. When the church is dismembered with gossip, shunning, manipulation and ostracization, the church (the body of Christ)is being stolen. Only Jesus can configure His church but it seems others think they have the right to rob believers of “their vision” in favor of the new person in charge's vision since they were hired as if it now “their” church. Exccuse me but it belongs to Jesus and He died to set people free. Yet many are being robbed weekly of freedom in
Christ by legalism or leaders who try to maintain job security by building in
numbers and programs regardless of the means while destroying love, kindness, unity, etc. Laity also often do the same in trying to maintain the control of their positions, too.

Posted by: Eight | Jun 27, 2005 10:33:06 AM

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