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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

When There's Friction on the Team

CordeiroHow do you deal with friction on your staff or leadership team?  Pastor Wayne Cordeiro has some advice...

"Some of the best leaders watch for, and deal with friction in a gracious, kind way."

We want to make sure that our teams are working well together, that they’re having good relationships with one another:

· Is there an edge? An “elephant in the room” where people don’t feel comfortable talking?

· Is there indirect bad talking? Even gossiping?

Do not be passive about it! Many times as Christians we think, “Oh, well, it will pass. They’ll work it out.” Or, “Since it’s not really hurting anyone & no one’s complaining…” No! Do NOT be passive.

Do you know what being passive leads to? It breeds future wars! It breeds dissension, even discontent!

We must be diligent leaders with a heart for the people who watch for friction on our teams and deal with them graciously, kindly & promptly. Do not just let it slide or you’ll see it disintegrate an entire ministry!

Become a true team leader!

Watch out for people frictions that lead to destruction. Always have your radar up… And deal with it! With graciousness and kindness. But deal with it!

...from Wayne's "Mentoring from a Distance" Blog.

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In my recent experience, I would have to say that what Wayne calls "indirect bad talking" and gossip are among the top church killers...and among the least chastised sins. Often times they start out as "innocent" questions from concerned members, but they germinate into rumors, sprout as half-truths, and bloom into outright lies and slander. Seems to me James had some pretty strong words about the progress of sin ultimately leading to death.

Posted by: Randy Ehle | Jun 14, 2006 2:47:40 PM

Sorry to say I am old school.... I still have too much Army in me... I line them up, express how I feel, and express how they're childish ways are slowing down the team... Then that is when I place the people who can't stand each other in the same group or pair... They will learn to work well with the other person come hail or high water...

Posted by: Jeff Ruble | Jun 14, 2006 7:55:16 PM

I am a Deacon in my church and the problems i am having is my pastor is very blunt in his speach when teaching and preaching . He seems to just talk about what you should wear and where you should go.He travel 2000 miles to a our church convention and come back with nothing but bad news on what went on .Never bring nothing back that will build the church up. ITs much more but i am angry and fed up .Can i get some advice

Posted by: Gene | Aug 19, 2006 2:26:15 PM

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