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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New Multi-Site Resources

2101Dave Ferguson shared some new multi-site resources that are out there that I think you'll want to check out:

1.  Multi-Site Kids.  This website has the best stuff on how to lead a ministry for kids in a multi-site church context.  Click here.

2.  Multi-Site Students.  Tips and thoughts on developing a youth ministry in a multi-site environment.  Click here.

3.  The Multi-Site Revolution.  My friends Geoff Surratt (from Seacoast Church) and Warren Bird and Greg Ligon (from Leadership Network) have a new book coming out specifically about the multi-site church movement.  You can pre-order it from MMI right now by clicking here.  (The release date is supposed to be June 1; but word is that it should be available early... if you order from MMI, we'll have the warehouse ship your copy the day it is available, and you'll be one of the first people to have a copy!)

I was lucky enough to get a pre-publication copy for review, and I look forward to sharing with you some of the great content of this book in future reviews.

Even if you're not a fan... especially if you're not a fan of the multi-site movement, this is a must-read book for you.  It's important to keep up on trends that are affecting the church, and this is a huge one!

I've been excited to see the number of resources grow in the multi-site area.  It will help countless churches on their journey into unchartered territory!


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This is from a fan, BUT recently you have begun advertising the fact books are available through MMI as part of your editorial content. For what it'd worth, I'd be careful to keep ads and editorial content separate so I know what I'm getting. I understand it can be a fine line, but it has begun to bother me....the least of your loyal readers :)

Posted by: Steve McGill | May 10, 2006 9:23:01 AM


Thanks for the input... I understand your concern. It's always a fine line that I approach very cautiously.

As far as this post goes, (and the other two posts that I've recommended books and resources), I've actually read the books and do endorse them (without any kickback from the publishers/writers other than a free book for review purposes). So I'm not recommending anything that I don't personally endorse. And these are not paid advertorials like many other websites do.

The reality of this blog is that I've been doing it for free since the sale of my income-producing website in December of last year. That's fine; and I love doing it, however, there comes a point where there has to be some return for my time investment; if only to pay the bills for me and my family.

So... over the next few months, you'll be finding that I'll be adding several areas of the website that will help produce a little income for me. In order to continue to provide all the free content and resources (and yes, editorial commentary), then there has to be some minor tweaks and changes. I hope that all you loyal readers will bear with me and be supportive when you can to help insure that MMI can continue to grow and flourish. Helping me pay my monthly bills is one way you can be supportive. :)

It takes me hours each day to read, research, compile and write the posts everyone is able to read here for free. I hope most of you understand that it takes time and resources to host such a website. Truthfully, I can't continue longterm to pour as much time into the website as I have, for free; thus the book sales and a couple of other things in the future will hopefully help eliminate the 'no income' dilemma.

I hope this doesn't come across as defensive... it's not meant to. Just trying to be honest about the situation and why you'll be seeing some more of this type of thing in the future. Hopefully you'll bear with me as I test here and there to see what works the best.

Thanks for understand (and for your support!) As always, I'm open to your input and comments on this subject.


Posted by: Todd Rhoades | May 10, 2006 10:02:08 AM

I love books and I love new information - so when you tell us about something new - it's great! Thanks for sharing with us!

Posted by: Sarangel | May 10, 2006 10:52:52 AM

Steve and Todd,

Here’s another perspective on the idea of "commercials" inserted into editorial content . . .

When I pay $9 to see a movie I am indeed a bit resentful that I have to sit through commercials for Coke and Ford (though I like watching movie previews – also advertising of course – go figure).

When I watch TV, which is free, I expect to see commercials. Someone has to pay for what I'm watching. If I want to skip the commercials I'll watch public television (or go make some popcorn during commercials), and won't resent it when they run a campaign and ask me for a donation.

Inserting an advertisement on a post like this which is about resources doesn’t bother me at all. I’m smart enough to know that I can buy the resource here or at Amazon.com or a multitude of other places. In fact, I really don’t have an issue with advertising inserted into any editorial thread. I appreciate knowing that those resources Todd offers through MMI are going to reflect the mission of MMI, which I can know pretty well even if I just read occasionally. And since the MMI mission is similar to my own, purchasing products endorsed here (from MMI or elsewhere) is a pretty safe bet. On the other hand, when I get an advertisement in my mailbox from Amazon.com, I will have no idea whether the product will help me fulfill my mission – because theirs is simply to sell me products.

There are things that come with the territory whenever we avail ourselves of a “free” service, from driving on public roads, sending our kids to public schools or surfing the web. As consumers of free services must understand that the service provider needs to fund the service he/she is providing us. He/she will attempt to do so in a way that won’t offend us, lest we go away. So my few cents (more the 2 I’m afraid), is Todd, go ahead and offer us resources in both ads and editorials. I’m not planning to go away because of it.


Posted by: Wendi | May 10, 2006 11:31:14 AM

Hey Todd - I completely understand where you're coming from. Your site - your call. Just wanted to give you an honest reaction from a reader. I'd suggest most valuable commodity at MMI is influence. Just guard it carefully.....Steve

Posted by: Steve McGill | May 10, 2006 7:55:14 PM

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