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Monday, May 15, 2006

LifeChurch.tv Starts Internet Campus

Lc_logo_2It's one of the nation's fastest-growing churches... And now LifeChurch.tv is beginning its 8th campus but this one isn't a building.  LifeChurch.tv has now launched its internet campus.  This is interesting stuff; and there's a great video you can watch from NewsOK.com featuring an overview of the new internet campus and an interview with LifeChurch.tv Pastor Craig Groeschel.

You can watch the video here.

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First off, KUDOS... a church with the resources AND the vision to embrace the internet as more than a marketing tool for their own local churches. More churches should follow their lead and take an active role in internet evangelism - building community and learning to worship with others through the medium.

My biggest concern is that it meets on Sunday mornings only. I've been running a church on the internet at www.infinitechurch.com for a year and a half, and while our program's not as spiffy as Lifechurch, we have noticed that many of our participants are regulars at other church services. By having only Sunday morning services, you reduce the number of believers that can supplement their local church experience with service in an internet church. A Sunday evening service would be less likely to conflict.

Although the idealist in me believes that an internet church can potentially replace real life church attendance, I think the goal should be a service that meets people where they are and supplements a real life church experience. Sometimes a person just needs a hug, and you can't do that on a webcam.

Go LifeChurch! We're praying for you!

Posted by: Chris Dillingham | May 15, 2006 10:30:02 PM


Sometimes indeed we just need a hug. We see people come into the church office who need that all the time.

You stated "By having only Sunday morning services, you reduce the number of believers that can supplement their local church experience with service in an internet church."

"supplement their local church experience"? Is this people who are involved and plugged in and are BEING the church instead of GOING to church? I wonder. As long as we leaders allow people to continue to think that Church is something they experience or attend rather than something they ARE and BECOME and DO, I think many of these may remain typical of the uninvolved church consumer... We need less of that...

In short, I remain skeptical about the value of being involved in a church "virtually", but then again, I used to be against multi-site, and our church now is seriously considering it in our future, and I think that's great. So... maybe I'll change my mind.

Posted by: Peter Hamm | May 16, 2006 4:05:58 PM

True, Peter. To clarify, what I said about supplementing the local church experience was in the context of serving and "being the church" as you said - which is another issue I'm wondering about with LifeChurch. Although there appears to be interactivity, I couldn't tell if people have the ability to serve as active lay ministers through the experience, or if they're merely participating and 'going' to church in a new way. I definitely think the former is called for, and the latter is hardly worth doing.

Posted by: Chris Dillingham | May 16, 2006 7:31:44 PM

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