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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What Are Your Favorite Books/Resources?

BooksHey, many of you know that I'm working feverishly on the new design and plan for MMI.  Part of that plan is the addition of more book reviews and even an online store.  I'm working pretty hard on getting things set-up this week, and need your help.  Could you take just a few moments to give me your top five (or ten) books or resources that you think EVERYONE should read... Could be a bestseller, or something a little more obscure.  I'm gathering a list of things to review and offer; and want to be sure that I don't leave out anything really really good.  Please include the Title AND Author.

So... if you could, please let me know your top five.  What five books/resources have helped you the most in your ministry?  What would you recomment to others to read?



PS...  I currently have a couple of new books that are ready to order from the MMI Store if anyone's interested.  One is "Chazown" by Craig Groeschel and the other is "Confessions of a Reformation Rev." by Mark Driscoll.  I highly recommend both of these to add to your library.  Also, if any of you need any particular title(s) or need to order anything for your church and would like to support MMI in the process, please email me and let me know what you're looking for.  It looks like we'll be able to offer about 15% off on all orders made through the MMI website.

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*Visioneering by Andy Stanley
*2Purpose Driven Church by RW
*Bros We are not professionals by John Piper
*21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by J. Maxwell
*Natural Church Development by Christian Schwartz

2 Secular works:
*Seven Habits of Highly effective people by that Mormon guy
*Power Networking by Donna Fisher & S.Vilas

Posted by: bishopdave | Apr 26, 2006 2:35:55 PM

Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswald Sanders
Starting A New Church by Ralph Moore
Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybels
Failing Forward by John Maxwell
Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis

Most fun to read:
The Barbarian Way by Erwin Mc Manus
Blue Like Jazz By Don Miller

The One Thing You Need To Know by Markus Buckingham
The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

There are so many more!!! The Bible is the best! I agree with Bishop Dave about Brothers We Are Not Professionals. Great book!!

Posted by: Linda | Apr 26, 2006 3:10:15 PM

Developing the Leaders Around You: Jim Maxwell
The Lay Driven Church: Melvin J. Steinbron
Community 101: Gilbert Bilezikian
They call me Pastor: H.B. London JR. & Neil B. Wiseman
Doing Church As A Team: Wayne Cordeiro

Those are mine on Leadership style etc. I figure you will get more for other areas. Are you interested in youth ministry ones?

Posted by: Jade | Apr 26, 2006 3:15:18 PM

The book by Buckingham is awesome.
Leadership and Self-Deception.
Death by Meeting by Patrick Lencioni is great.
The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman
No Perfect People Allowed, by John Burke
My favorite magazine is the Family Handiman.
Five Smooth Stone, Working the Angles, and Under the Unpredictable Plant by Eugene Peterson, they are his pastoral trilogy.

Posted by: Kent | Apr 26, 2006 3:16:55 PM

*Revelation: Four Views : A Parallel Commentary by Steve Gregg

*Always Ready: Directions for Defending the Faith by Greg L. Bahnsen

*Safely Home by Randy C. Alcorn

*The Marketing of Evil: by David Kupelian

*Defense of the Faith by Cornelius Van Til

*Systematic Theology by Louis Berkhof

Posted by: BeHim | Apr 26, 2006 4:11:41 PM

1. Natural Church Development by Christian Schwarz
2. Transforming Children Into Spiritual Champions by George Barna
3. Church Marketing 101 by Richard Reising

I believe these are three of the most important books for every church leader to read.

Posted by: Brent | Apr 26, 2006 4:16:45 PM

Almost forgot one: Seven Practices of Effective Ministry by Andy Stanley.

Posted by: Brent | Apr 26, 2006 4:18:26 PM

These are some books I've read recently that have had great impact on me:

*Seizing Your Divine Moment, by Erwin McManus (this has been re-released under the title, "Chasing Daylight: Seize the Power of Every Moment")
*The Celtic Way of Evangelism: How Christianity Can Reach the West...Again, by George G., III Hunter
*Don't Waste Your Life, by John Piper
*Leadership 101, by John Maxwell
*The Master Plan of Discipleship, by Robert E. Coleman
*A Fragile Stone: The Emotional Life of Simon Peter, by Michael Card (the book is even better than the CD)

Also, just about anything by Calvin Miller.

Posted by: Randy Ehle | Apr 26, 2006 4:38:11 PM

1. The Christian Mind: Harry Blamires
2. Fit Bodies - Fat Minds: Os Guiness
3. The Screwtape Letters: C.S. Lewis
4. Decision Making and the Will of God: Gary Friesen
5. Mere Christianity: C.S. Lewis
6. The Trauma of Transparency: J. Grant Howard
7. The Freedom We Crave: William Lenters
8. Power Through Prayer: E.M. Bounds
9. Theology of the N.T.: G.E. Ladd
10. Church History in Plain Language: Bruce Shelley
11. Evangelism in the Early Church: Michael Green

That's about it for now

Posted by: pjlr | Apr 26, 2006 4:43:09 PM

BTW Fast Company is one of the best business magazines out there. There is a secular spirituality in it which shows the hunger that we encounter for the presence and power of God. It is also much more fun that many of the other business stuff out there.

Posted by: Kent | Apr 26, 2006 4:59:16 PM

Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster
Seven Practices of Effective Ministry by Stanley
Theology of the Kingdom by George Eldon Ladd
Generous Orthodoxy by Brian McLaren
On Writing by Stephen King

These are in addition to some of the ones previously posted.

Posted by: eric | Apr 26, 2006 4:59:48 PM

1.) Pastor to Pastor "Tackling the Problems of Ministry" By Erwin Lutzer

2. Fresh Faith By Jim Cymbala

3. The Church God Blesses Jim Cymbala

4. The Power of Positive Evanglism

5. Revolution in World Missions K.P. Yohannan

6. The Holy Spirit By R.A. Torrey

7. Getting on Top of Your Work Brooks R. Faulkner

8. Racing To Win by Coach Joe Gibbs

9. Seven Seasons of the Man in the Mirror By Patrick Morley... very good

10. The God Catchers By Tommy Tenney.. He had a few good points, I don't agree with everything he says.. Of course, it may be I have not reach the same level of faith as him...

11. Walking Wisely By Charles Stanley

12. Great Lives From God's Word Vol. 1-8 written by Chuck Swindol... These books are golden nuggest.... As Mr. Purnell of Old Folks Sausage say's "It's Goooooooood"...

Posted by: Clairvoyant 1 | Apr 26, 2006 5:23:20 PM

The Pursuit of God (A W Tozer)

Knowing God (J I Packer)

When Good People Do Bad Things (Erwin Lutzer)

Strength for the Journey (Joseph M Stowell)

Surprised by the Voice of God (Jack Deere)

Posted by: Phil Hoover-Chicago | Apr 26, 2006 5:37:08 PM

The Holy Bible - NKJV - Author - Almighty God (MacArthur Study Bible, Strong's Strongest Concordance, Nelson Study Bible for its great concordance)

Hell's Best Kept Secret - Ray Comfort
(My eternal thanks to Ray for waking me up to my true spiritual lostness - this book is a priceless classic)

Hard To Believe - John MacArthur

Redefining Christianity - Bob DeWaay

The Cholesterol Myths - Uffe Ravnskov (Never heard of it huh? Points out the foolishness of man in buying anything if it's spoken of enough.)

In Christ,
Bill in KC

Posted by: Bill | Apr 26, 2006 5:46:28 PM

Good to Great - Jim Collins

Leading Change - John Kotter

The Celtic Way of Evangelism: How Christianity Can Reach the West . . . Again - George Hunter II

(a classic that should be read once per year) Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey

Five Dysfunctions of a Team - Patric Lencioni

The Present Future: Six Tough Questions for the Church - Reggie McNeal

Couragous Leadership - Bill Hybels

Spiritual Leadership: Moving People to God's Agenda - Henry Blackaby

Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality - Donald Miller

Posted by: Wendi | Apr 26, 2006 5:50:36 PM

Anything by CS Lewis
Everything (so far) by Andy Stanley
Blue Like Jazz - Miller
The Air I Breath - Giglio
Every Man's Battle - Arterburn/Stoeker
Wild at Heart - Eldredge
I Kissed Dating Goodbye - Harris

Posted by: Steve McGill | Apr 26, 2006 6:09:26 PM

A couple of real eye-openers I've read as of late:

What Every Church Member Should Know About Poverty - Ruby K. Payne, Ph.D. & Bill Ehlig

Take the GuessWork Out of Cross-Cultural Ministry - Margarita C. Trevino, R.N., Ph.D.

Then there is:

Before You Move: A Guide to Making Transitions in Ministry - John R. Cionca

Spiritual Leadership - Blackaby

Five Love Languages - Dr. Gary Chapman

Women and the Leadership Q - Shoya Zichy

God's Secret Agent - Sammy Tippit with Jerry B. Jenkins

Why Churches Die: Diagnosing Lethal Poisons in the Body of Christ - Mac Brunson & Ergun Caner

None can ever compare to the ole... but still revelant.... B - I - B - L - E... That's a must read daily!

Posted by: Camey | Apr 26, 2006 6:12:01 PM

Becoming a Person of Influence (John Maxwell)
Spiritual Leadership (Oswald Sanders)
Everybody's Normal Till You Get to Know Them (John Ortberg)
Courageous Leadership (Bill Hybels)
Growing True Disciples (George Barna)

Never Eat Alone (Keith Ferrazi)
Now Discover Your Strengths (Marcus Buckingham)

Imitation of Christ (Thomas a Kempis)
Practicing the Presence of God (Brother Lawrence)
God's Smuggler (Brother Andrew)
Mere Christianity (C.S. Lewis)

Why Men Hate Going to Church (David Murrow)

Posted by: Heather Zempel | Apr 26, 2006 6:20:21 PM

Plato - The Republic
Greg Boyd - Satan and the Problem of Evil
NT Wright - Paul
Brian McLaren - A Generous Orthodoxy
John Sanders - The God Who Risks
CS Lewis - The Great Divorce
Brian Greene - The Fabric of the Cosmos
Greg Boyd - Letters from a Skeptic
Walter Brueggemann - Theology of the Old Testament

Run Lola Run
American History X
Pay it Forward

Posted by: Daniel | Apr 26, 2006 11:32:12 PM

George Muller

The Cholesterol Myths - Uffe Ravnskov (Never heard of it huh? Points out the foolishness of man in buying anything if it's spoken of enough.)

There is a secular spirituality in it which shows the hunger that we encounter for the presence and power of God.

I would say this is more the problem Kent; a secular hunger for a spiritual god. Just about anything can fill that "need/desire"

You know what would be cool: Have each person choose one from their list, their favorite and write their own review on it for discussion.

It might lead to "expanding our visions".

Posted by: BeHim | Apr 27, 2006 12:34:50 AM

Cloud of the Unknowing- Anonymous
The Pursuit of God / of man-A.W. Tozer
The Pilgrim's Progress-John Bunyan
The Holiest of All-Andrew Murray (other works also)
The Darkness and the Dawn-Chuck Swindol
Loving Christ- Joseph Stowell
Future Grace- John Piper
Anything by Charles Spurgeon
The Life You've Always Wanted- John Ortberg
The complete works of E.M Bounds on Prayer
The Normal Christian Life- Watchman Nee
Selected writings by Oswald Chambers, Michael Card, C.S. Lewis ,Dwight Moody,E.W. Bullinger,Max Lucado, Beth Moore,Linda Wagoneer,Nancy Kennedy,Jeff Vonvanderan,Anne Graham Lotz and last but not least all those who have contributed to this blog along with Todd Rhoades! Just started Stephen Charnock's The Exsistance and Attributes of God and it is good. One more, The Knowledge of the Holy by A.W Tozer

Posted by: ld | Apr 27, 2006 1:09:29 AM

Pastoral/Leadership books:

The Present Future (Reggie McNeal)
An Unstoppable Force (Erwin McManus)
Radical Reformission (Mark Driscoll)
The Church On The Other Side (Brian McLaren)
Courageous Leadership (Bill Hybels)
Purpose Driven Church (Rick Warren)
The Emergent Church (Dan Kimball)
AquaChurch (Leonard Sweet)

Personal Growth books:

Blue Like Jazz (Donald Miller)
The Jesus Creed (Scot McKnight)
Chasing Daylight (Erwin McManus)
Wild At Heart (John Eldredge)
The Life You've Always Wanted (John Ortberg)
Buck Naked Faith (Eric Sandras)

Underpinnings of my faith books:
Mere Christianity (C.S. Lewis)
Your God Is Too Small (J.B. Phillips)
Sacred Pathways (Gary Thomas)
The Divine Conspiracy (Dallas Willard)
Heaven (Randy Alcorn)
The Fight (John White)
Epic (John Eldredge)

Fiction books:
The Testament (John Grisham)
Talesin/Merlin/Arthur/Grail/Pendragon (Stephen Lawhead)
Blink (Ted Dekker)
Wisdom Hunter (Randall Arthur)

Oddball films pastors should see:
Jump Tomorrow
Still Breathing

Posted by: Mark Jackson | Apr 27, 2006 5:06:18 AM

Wow, some good ones out there.

The Divine Conspiracy - Dallas Willard (This is all five of my top five recommendations!)

A couple others great for leadership specifically...

"Good to Great" by Collins
"An Hour on Sunday" by Nancy Beach

I could recommend others (loads of stuff people have mentioned, like McManus's books Miller's books, "The Jesus Creed", et al, but I want you to read Willard's excellent book so much that I was tempted to only mention it. Not a leadership book per se, but a great one on discipleship and how we misunderstand the "kingdom of heaven".

McLaren's latest, "The Secret Message of Jesus" is also pretty great.

Posted by: Peter Hamm | Apr 27, 2006 8:29:36 AM

This list is compiled by Gerrard Fess, Youth & Family Pastor @ Cary Christian Church in Cary, NC 10+yr veteran
and bookmeister with 500+ books in his library.

Top 10 Youth Ministry Philosophy Books
1. "The Coming Revolution in Youth Ministry And Its Radical Impact on the Church". Mark Senter III. SP Publications. Inc., (Victor Books) Wheaton, Ill.1992.
2. "Family Based Youth Ministry". Mark DeVries. InterVarsity Press, Downers Grove, Ill., 1994.
3. "The Godbearing Life. The Art of SoulTending For Youth Ministry". Kendra Creasy Dean and Ron Foster. Upper Room Books, Nashville, 1998.
4. "Starting Right Thinking Theologically about Youth Ministry". Edited by Kendra Creasy Dean, Chap Clark, and Dave Rahn. Zondervan, Grand Rapids. 2001.
5. "Student Ministry for the 21st Century". Bo Boshers with Kim Anderson. Zondervan, Grand Rapids, 1997.
6. "Nurturing the Soul of the Youth Worker". Tim Smith. Group, Loveland, CO. 1999.
7. "New Directions for Youth Ministry" by Wayne Rice, Chap Clark and others. Group, Loveland, Co. 1998.
8. "The Youth Worker's Handbook to Family Ministry". Chap Clark Zondervan, Grand Rapids. 1997.
9. "A Comprehensive Guide to Youth Ministry. Reaching A Generation For Christ". Richard R. Dunn and Mark H. Senter III. General Editors. Moody Press, Chicago. 1997.
10. "Postmodern Youth Ministry". Tony Jones. Youth Specialities, (Zondervan) Grand Rapids. 2001.

Top 10 Youth Ministry Resource Books
1. "Youth Ministry Management Tools". Ginny Olson, Diane Elliot And Mike Work. Youth Specialties. 2001. Includes CD-Rom and everything you need to manage your ministry.
2. "Better Safe Than Sued". Jack Crabtree Group, Loveland, CO
3. "Josh McDowell's Youth Ministry Handbook". Compiled by Sean McDowell and Ray Willey. Word. Nashville, 2000.
4. "Organizing Your Youth Ministry". Paul Borthwick. Youth Specialties, 1988.
5. "Parent's Guide to The Spiritual Mentoring of Teens". Joe White, Jim Weidmann General Editors. Focus on the Family Tyndale House Wheaton, Ill. 2001.
6. "Josh McDowell's Handbook on Counseling Youth". Josh McDowell & Bob Hostetler. Word, Dallas. 1996.
7. "Things They Never Taught You About Youth Ministry That You Really Need to Know". Todd Clark, College Press, Joplin, Mo. 1996.
8. "The Youth Minister's Survival Guide". Len Kageler Youth Specialities, 1992.
9. "No More Us & Them. 100 Ways to Bring Your Youth & Church Together". Group, Loveland, CO 1999.
10. "Youth Ministry Nuts And Bolts". Duffy Robbins. Youth Specialties, 1990.

Honorable Mention
"What's The Big Deal about Sex. Loving God's Way" by Jim Burgen
"The Magnet Effect. Designing Out Reach Events That Draw Kids to Christ" by Barry St. Clair with Jim Burns, Paul Fleischmann & Bo Boshers
"130 Ways to Involve Parents in Youth Ministry". Group Publishing, Loveland CO
"The Ministry of Nurture" by Duffy Robbins
"Managing Youth Ministry Chaos" by Mike Woodruff
"Dangerous Wonder The Adventure of Childlike Faith" by Mike Yaconelli
"8 Habits of an Effective Youth Worker" by Tim Smith
"So That's Why I keep Doing This" by Glenn Propcopio
"Back to the Heart of Youth Work" by Dewey M. Bertolini.
"Youth Ministry Its Renewal in the Local Church" by Lawrence O. Richards

Posted by: Gman | Apr 27, 2006 10:00:40 AM

The Renovare spiritual formation bible--Foster, et al. (Eds.)

Foster, R. J. (1998). Celebration of discipline.

Foster, R. J. (1998). Streams of living water: celebrating the great traditions of Christian faith.

My utmost for his highest.

Nouwen, H. (1996). Can you drink the cup?

Sire, J. W. (1997). The universe next door: a basic worldview catalog (3rd ed.).

Tillich, P. (2000). The courage to be (2nd ed.).

Willard, D. (2002). Renovation of the heart: Putting on the character of Christ.

Narramore, S. B. (1984). No condemnation: Rethinking guilt motivation in counseling, preaching, and parenting.

McMinn, M. R. (1996). Psychology, theology, and spirituality in Christian counseling.

Jones, S. L., & Butman, R. E. (1991). Modern psychotherapies: A comprehensive Christian appraisal.

Smith, J. B., & Graybeal, L. (1999). A spiritual formation workbook: Small group resources for nurturing Christian growth

Buber, M. (1970). I and Thou (W. Kaufman, Trans.).

Browning, D. S., & Cooper, T. D. (2004). Religious thought and the modern psychotherapies.

Benner, D. G. (1998). Care of souls: Revisioning Christian nurture and counsel.

Sorenson, R. L. (2004). Minding spirituality.

Anything by Nouwen

Greenleaf, R. K. (1977) Servant Leadership

Anything by John Gottman on marriage

Doherty, W. J. (1995). Soul searching: Why psychotherapy must promote moral responsibility.

I agree with the Eric's recommendation for Steven King's "On Writing"

Frankena, W. K. (1973) Ethics

You said top 25, right?

Posted by: Ted | Apr 27, 2006 10:16:44 AM

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