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Monday, April 24, 2006

I4GiveU.com Website Debuts

I4giveulogoFrom the 'sad, but true' file today...

[From TechCrunchi4giveu is an Israeli site that allows people to post confessions and ask for the community’s judgement. Confessions can be posted anonymously and are tagged for easy browsing. It just launched, and some of the “confessions” seem a little canned or just plain dumb. And while this isn’t any kind of substitution for real therapy, the popularity of sites like PostSecret suggest that people really do like to tell their secrets on the Internet. Bonus feature: track comments to a confession via RSS.

Welcome to the biggest Confession room in the world
You have the opportunity to confess on every sin you ever committed and be judged by the community if you’re worthy of Forgiveness or Not. Every Confession is ranked with the Forgiven or No forgive ranking. Your reputation will be judged from Angel to devil upon your confession ranking , The higher the score the closer to Angel status you get and vise versa . Rank each confession after you truly decided on the sinners fate, The higher the score the closer to forgiveness. simple. What are you waiting for?

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