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Monday, March 27, 2006

LifeChurch.tv offers FREE resources for Churches!

Lc_logo_1I received an email from Bobby Gruenewald from LifeChurch.tv over the weekend and they have an amazing project that I am more than happy to help them promote... They are making available much of their multimedia content, graphics, video clips, etc. available to all churches absolutely free of charge!

That's right, I said FREE OF CHARGE!

For example, for their most recent series entitled "Difficult People" offers over 1.5 GIGABYTES of files that you can download and use free!  This includes series teasers, marketing graphics, message outlines, message opens, and more.  Here's more from their announcement:

At LifeChurch.tv, we are passionately motivated by the desire to see lives changed – across as many miles and in as many places as possible. In our pursuit of that goal, it is our intention to maximize the effectiveness of the resources with which God has trusted us. Therefore, this website is available to pastors and churches worldwide to provide access to and usage of an entire library of LifeChurch.tv creative materials – at absolutely no charge.

So, what's the catch?  None!  All they are asking is that content is used in a non-commercial application in which the overall mission is to lead people to Christ. That’s absolutely it.

I feel the need to publically applaud LifeChurch.tv on this decision.  This is definitely not the norm. There are many fine ministries that are repackaging and selling their work to other churches, which is fine and dandy.  But for a church to take what they've learned and developed (at great cost in technology, staffing, and even web traffic usage) and literally give it away will definitely stir things up a little.

Take a look and download away!  Here's the link.  Oh, and drop LifeChurch.tv an email thanking them for making such a great resource available FOR FREE!


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That's awesome. We could all find a way to use this principle in our towns I think. We're trying to help other churches in any ways we can doing things that we might be better resourced for. (For instance, I'm taking a worship team to a church that is less than 10 miles away so we can show them how we do what we do--obviously, we do it well)

What can other churches do like this.

Oh, and of course, I bookmarked the lifechurch.tv site.

Posted by: Peter Hamm | Mar 27, 2006 3:14:03 PM

This is very Kingdom minded! Great Job Life!!! I think this is really amazing!

Posted by: Jason Simmons | Mar 27, 2006 4:42:19 PM

It's about time! Not to slam LifeChurch.tv, I applaud them. In a day where resource are offered by "big" named people the cost is prohibitive to help new church starts or smaller churches. Did somebody forget we are all on the same team along the line. When we play softball there is a guy who has a bat that cost over $400.00. He is more than willing to help the team by allowing all our players use of the bat. When churches begin to partner and work toward buiding up we will see a great harvest in America. And please don't think I am bashing the guys who sell their product, I have bought much of it, however I really like it when other invest what God has given them (key here) to others in Kingdom work. Thanks LifeChurch.tv!

Posted by: Craig | Mar 28, 2006 1:04:34 PM

I've used those kind of Bats before... they don't help me hit homeruns anymore than my $20 one... I do agree with the PROPS to LifeChurch.

Posted by: Jeff | Mar 28, 2006 2:49:22 PM

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