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Friday, December 02, 2005

Who Are You (And Why Are You Here?)

Unknown As the Monday Morning Insight Blog grows, we're getting to know some really great people here at the blog.  I was excited this morning when I learned about Frappr; and I thought it would be fun to try here.  Frappr uses Goggle maps to plot your location on a map... so we can see exactly where everyone who is reading MMI is located.  You can even upload a picture if you'd like...

I think this will be fun... you can check out the MMI Frappr map here; and while you're there, take just a couple moments to add your own name and location.  If you're especially daring (or you just have a mug shot of you buried on your computer's hard drive somewhere, please add your picture as well.  It'll be fun to but a face and place with your name!

Have a great weekend!


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