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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

You Could Be A Star! (Well, not really. But...)

WriterI'm looking for a few good men and women.

People of courage.  People of conviction.

People who'd like to write on a blog.

Have something you'd like to see here at the MMIBlog.com?  Well... let's hear it!  I'd like to try a little experiment and have some guest writers here at the blog.  I'd love for each of you to consider contributing.  Here are some guidelines...

-- submissions should be relatively short

-- you don't have to agree with me to write a guest post (but it'll help).  (Little joke there).

-- the information/post should be interesting, provacative, and thought-provoking

-- the purpose can be to get people talking in community; to inform; to encourage; anything positive.

-- already have a blog?  No problem?  Post here and I'll be happy to post a link back to your blog.  (It'll be great publicity, don't you know!?)

-- you can't use the words mega-church or seeker-sensitive in your post.  The words "Rick" and "Warren" can be used, but not one right after the other.

Here's the deal... if you're interested in giving this a go... email me here and let me know your name and email.  I'll send you a username/password that you can use to go in and type your blog entry.  It'll then be sent to me for approval/editing; and we'll take it from there.  I know that I won't be able to use everything that I get, so don't be disappointed if I don't use one or all of yours.

So... whatdaya say?


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