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Friday, September 23, 2005

Two Bad Women: Katrina & Rita

We need to continue to pray for the victims of all the hurricanes this season; especially those hit a few weeks ago by Katrina; and those who will be pounded by Rita this weekend.

Yesterday, I received an email from Lee & Allison Hughart, who were completely devestated by Hurricane Katrine.  Hugh writes, "Last week the parish allowed residents in to view their properties in our area.  The Diamond community, where City Price Baptist Church was located, was destroyed. Possibly 2-3 houses can be saved. The church and our parsonage cannot be saved.

Hurricane_church As of today, we have discovered the locations of all of our active church members and their families. Most are scattered throughout Louisiana, but some are as far away as Colorado. We have visited with some, talked by phone to others and have been informed about a few. All have been concerned about returning and have missed the fellowship of their church family. All are safe and God has been providing for them.

They also have been faithful to Him. I discovered that several of them have been godly servants in the shelters where they are located. They have been helping the staff and churches by cleaning and working with them. I reminded them that God is using this tragedy for their greater benefit. In Romans 8:28-29, God has promised that He will use all things for our good in order to change us into the image of Jesus Christ. I have seen that He has been doing just that in their lives. It would take too long to tell their stories.

They are experiencing depression, frustrations and challenges daily. We had four new believers that we had not yet baptized and 5 other new believers from the last two years. As a new baby needs extra support when they are young, so do these new believers.

Hurricane_houseMany of you and your churches have wanted to help and/or adopt City Price Baptist Church. Again, thank you. As of now, I cannot tell you how you can help.  Our area cannot be resettled yet. Just 5 miles down the road, everything is still flooded. All the levees are damaged and some are still open. All electricity, phone, gas, water and sewer utilities will need to be repaired. All of the stores were destroyed and the schools damaged. The only two doctors in the parish are not planning to return.

There are many questions and too few answers, as of today.

Let's continue to pray for all the victims... and especially for Lee and Allison and their family; along with the City Price Baptist Church.


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