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Monday, September 05, 2005

Monday Praise Report for September 5, 2005

Praise It's Monday... time to hear what God's doing in your life and in the life of your church over the past week. Please take a couple moments

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Am a Pastor from India currently attached with a non-profit organisation in California. Kindly join me in prayers as we are looking for sponsors for my elder daughter's Masters study here. She has joined her classes last week and we need financial breakthrus. Since am the only one permitted to work as per the visa rules, we have limited resources but we know we serve a Lord who ows cattles on thousand hills. She is a good student and passed undergraduate study with distinction and she wanted to study in christian universities only and she got admitted however the university has climbed down from the previous demand of upfront full year payment for international student to 4 equal instalment of one years fee and we have managed to pay the first installment of 5000 dollars. Kindly do hold us in prayers and we believe Phil. 4:19

Posted by: Rev K M Mathews | Sep 6, 2005 12:19:15 AM

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