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Friday, August 05, 2005

John Wesley on Unregenerate Pastors

Wesley2 Here's a great quote from John Wesley (recently posted at WesleyBlog.com).  This should perk you up on a Friday!  :)

"A lifeless, unconverting, unconverted minister is the murderer-general of his parish. He enters not into the kingdom of heaven himself, and those that would enter in he suffers not. He stands in the gap between them and true religion; because he has it not, they are easy without it."
                    From Letter to "John Smith", March 25, 1747

Come on now, John... tell us what you really think.

BTW, what do you really think today?

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"He enters not into the kingdom of heaven himself, and those that would enter in he suffers not. He stands in the gap between them and true religion; because he has it not, they are easy without it."
Sounds like: Matthew 23:13,14. "Woe to you Pharisees amd you other religious leaders. Hypocrites. For you won't let others enter the Kingdom of Heaven, and won't go in yourselves. And you pretned to be holy, with all your long, public prayers in the streets, while you are evicting widows from their homes. Hypocrites!" Matthew 23:23
"Yes, you tithe down to the last mint leaf in your garden, but ignore the important things--JUSTICE and MERCY and FAITH."

Posted by: Eight | Aug 5, 2005 10:24:58 AM

He pretty much nailed it in my humble opinion!

Posted by: Pastor Al | Aug 5, 2005 10:43:53 AM

I really think:

1. that an uncoverted or converted minister has nothing to do with the conversion of the lost. This is the work of God not the minister.

2. that the Converted ministers (and their followers) should know how to Biblically recognize and identify unconverted ministers and speak out against them, so as to remove the spread of iniquity (where one succeeds the numbers are likely to increase - as would levean) and venimous false teaching (as they increase so will their message - itching ears). 2 Timothy 4:3-4 (1-5)

3. who would be considered one of these "lifeless, uncoverting, unconverted master-murderers"? Dare we name any (and their followers) with Biblical Evidence?

Posted by: BeHim | Aug 5, 2005 1:52:54 PM

Wesley's comments (as printed here) are simple, deep, and profound. I suggest we let it sink in real deep, because it is a serious problem throughout the world.


Posted by: bernie dehler | Aug 5, 2005 3:25:48 PM

WOW!!! I wish he had been more straight forward in telling us what he thought. LOL

Posted by: M.A.P. | Aug 8, 2005 12:42:26 AM

How powerful Wesley's words are even still today! What do you think that Wesley would say to the church today? Do you think he would recognize Methodism as it is today?
It seems to me that there are periods of Church history where "the Church" becomes stagnant and un-productive. The ways of the world slowly creep in. It takes people like Wesley, Luther, Francis of Asissi and others to stand up and be the "Voice for Christ" for their generation. Wesley's words should encourage us to a deeper walk with Christ.

P.S. I got a Wesley's commentary on the Bible - Free download from E-sword.net.
It is a excellent study tool

Posted by: Pastor Mike Z | Aug 9, 2005 5:55:51 PM

I agree with Behim on this one. It isn't the converted or unconverted minister who changes lives. Let me say that in my short lifetime I have seen God use some of the most unusual suspects to fulfill His purpose. I've come to realize that willing vessels though sinful are still willing vessels. Since God loves the sinner he will utilize whom ever He chooses to reach them. This process is very humbling because it sort of says to you and I that we are not the priority when fulfilling God's plan. We are only a tool and if need be He will use the unrighteous to do it. That doesn't mean that the "unconverted minister" isn't accountable for his actions or that false teaching always falls on deaf ears. Oviously we know this isn't true. However, I think he uses the unrighteous sometimes not just because a man/woman has a need and the one in charge is an "unconverted minister" but also to prove to those of us that live Godly lives, pay our tithe, and live to please Him that our righteousness is as filthy rags. No matter how much we walk with God and live right before Him we cannot earn His favor guaranteeing us a spot to be used by Him. I've come to realize I didn't earn this spot and that's certainly not the reason why I serve Him. I serve Him because what He has done for my life which in turns makes me a vessel He can use; not the other way around. I guess in essence I am agreeing with Wesley that the "unconverted minister" stands in the gap but only because he chooses to. The "unconverted minister" could decide not to and thus make himself open to being used by God. Ultimately the choice is God's. Now whether or not we accept the message coming from the person God is using is of course ours to make. Just a thought. God bless.

Posted by: Pete King | Aug 10, 2005 4:40:48 PM

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