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Monday, July 18, 2005

Monday Praise Report for July 18, 2005

Praise It's Monday... time to hear what God's doing in your life and in the life of your church over the past week.  God IS doing something good, right?  :)

Let's hear it!  Add your praise now!

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Good Morning! On Tuesday, July 5, God gave me a miracle. We had rented a car over the 4th of July weekend, because my car had a bad electrical problem that the dealership could not get parts for before the weekend. I had refused to pay the extra $15 a day in order to waive a deductible in case of an accident. We did not have an accident, so everything should be fine, right? Well that morning I did a walk around the car prior to returning it. As I came back to the front of the car, from the passenger side, I looked at the front bumper and my heart sank. There was a crack all the way through and across the top of the plastic bumper. It was 4 or 5 inches long and had about a 1/4 inch off-set between the two sides. Oh, dear God! I was looking at a $500 crack! That is the amount of our deductible. I haven't had a paying job in months and money is very tight. What on earth can we do? Unfortunately,we had no choice. I took the checkbook and begain the hour long drive back to the rental store.(We live out in the boonies.) As I was driving, I was praying. I was praying that somehow, in someway, we wouldn't have to pay the $500, which is money that we really owe to a lot of other places. It was not a pleasant drive. But I continued to pray. I arrived at the rental store and parked the car. As I walked past the front of the car, I looked back at the bumper. I could not see a crack! It was simply not there! God had answered my prayer. The crack in the bumper had been miracleously repaired! This is an absolutely true story. Thank you Lord! Have a blessed day.

Posted by: Marge Marvell | Jul 18, 2005 10:03:37 AM

How about a Tuesday praise report since Monday is my day off?

Sunday morning our church of less than 200 commissioned 24 individuals to go out and plant our second site. God has been stirring within our fellowship a greater hunger for the lost and I can clearly see momentum building as they embrace this call on their lives.

Posted by: Jeff Sivyer | Jul 19, 2005 8:04:29 AM

Ok, so here is a Tuesday praise report, since I did not get in on the Monday one:

So many things happened this weekend to let me know I was in the center of God's will, at least at that time. The first thing that happened: The son of a couple who goes to our church passed away a couple of weeks ago. Last Tuesday, they held his memorial service. This couple has gone through a lot this year, as their daughter also passed away last November, of the same illness that finally claimed her brother, cirrhosis. They were both Christians who were recovering alcoholics. Their daughter, Stella, however, was able to say that she had truly kicked the habit before she died. She said that there is a liquor store on the corner near her house and she used to not be able to pass it up without going inside and buying something. She was able to report, that with the strength of God, she was able to pass it up and wave at the people inside and yell, "God bless you!" Her brother, Val, was in prison, but he was winning inmates to Christ when his illness overtook him. I was not able to go to the memorial service, as I do not have adequate transportation, but I was in a Goodwill store Saturday and I saw a framed picture that said something like: "I have learned that true friends are a gift from God. Because of your friendship, I am blessed and I have seen God's love in you!" I thought, "That's pretty!" And then it seemed that God was prompting me to buy that for Hazel and Jesse, so I did. I had already written them a card and so I put that with the gift. They were flabberghasted when I handed that to them and they were very appreciative!

Another thing that happened: I sometimes play the offertory at church on my flute. That Saturday night, at about 11:30, I was trying to pick out something to play. (Nothing like waiting till the last minute!) Suddenly, the song "When We See Christ" seemed to jump out of the hymnal at me. I had never heard this song before, so I decided to play it. Then I read the lyrics and it was done. I knew I had to play this song! It would minister so well to those hurting people in our congregation! (And there are a lot. There have been a lot of deaths this year.) But when I got to church and heard the Sunday School lesson, it coincided exactly with the message of that song! For those who don't know the lyrics, please see this page if you can: http://my.homewithgod.com/heavenlymidis/songbook/seechrist.html. Then compare those lyrics with Hebrews ch. 11, because that's what the Sunday School lesson was about. When I played the song, I asked the people to turn in their hymnals to that page and sing along. Not many of them did, but after I had played the first verse, the pastor got up and said, "I think we will sing that song!" And they had me play through the whole thing again. Then I was asked to lead the other hymns as well. (Well, actually, that was not that extrordinary, since our pianist was absent and I was the only one with an instrument!)

Then, later that evening, we held a silent auction at church to raise money for scholarships for students attending Bible colleges. I brought six items to be auctioned: a lamp, a pair of shoes, a doll, a stuffed fish (a very ugly one, at that!), a picture frame...and at the last minute, almost, I decided to bring a pair of puppy-dog house slippers that I had hardly ever worn. I figured no one would bid on them, but I thought, "Hey, if no one bids on them, I'll just give them to Goodwill." I got to the church and set all my stuff up on the table, the ladies in charge marked their papers and placed them with the items, and then everybody was allowed to start bidding. One little 5-year-old boy, Devon, was DROOLING over those puppy-dogs! You see, they have a button on the ear that makes them bark! He asked his mom, "Mama, can we get those?" She gave him a dollar and said he could bid it on anything he wanted, so he bid his dollar on those dogs. (The minimum bid amount was a dollar and the maximum number of bids allowed on each item was 3.)

He stood right there by those dogs for a long time, making sure nobody outbid him. But somebody did and he was so disappointed! Robin, the lady in charge of the whole thing with her sister, came by and saw him and she said, "You really want those puppy-dogs, don't you, Bubba?" He nodded and she reached over and signed her name on the paper and bid $2.50 or something like that and hers was the third bid. She said, "There now, Bubba, they're yours!" His face just lit up like Christmas!

Of course, he wasn't allowed to wear them during services and he was asleep by the time the prizes were awarded. After services, we were going in the back to have dessert, so I woke him up and asked him if he wanted to go eat. Of course he did, so I took him in there and we fixed him some dessert. While he was eating his cake, one of the older boys came in with his slippers and said, "Hey, Devon, let's see what these look like on you!" In a flash, dessert was forgotten! He slipped his shoes off and put those slippers on and oh my goodness! They were at least two times too big for him, but he managed to step around in them! He was so cute! He was so happy! He literally grinned from ear to ear! He just pranced all around that room and showed everybody who would look his beautiful new puppy-dog slippers! It was too funny! I said, "We have to show the pastor!" So we went over to her and he called out her name and when she looked, he pointed down at his slippers! She couldn't help chuckling! He was standing there, so proud of himself, with his feet apart and his hands on his hips and his lit up like Christmas and a grin a mile wide! She just laughed and made a comment, I think, about how good he looked and then she said, "Where is a camera when you need one?"

It made me feel so good, though, that something so simple as my little puppy-dog slippers could bring joy to a little one, especially a little one who has had a tough time, so I've heard. (I don't know the story, but that doesn't matter.) I have such a heart for little ones! That is where my ministry lies, whether in church or out! I love them so and I ask God to put me in a position so that I can be more of an effective leader for the little ones!

Posted by: Hallie Corson | Jul 19, 2005 5:07:11 PM

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