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Monday, July 11, 2005

Monday Praise Reports

Praise OK... I gave you a week off last week for the 4th of July Holiday... let's hear what God's doing in your life and in the life of your church over the past two weeks.  God IS doing something good, right?  :)

Let's hear it!  Add your praise now!

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Hi! I've never posted on here, but I thought I should share what God has been doing in my life lately! God definitely is still at work and it is amazing to see.

My prayer has been that God would search me, break me, mold me, and make me into who HE wants me to be.

Over the past few weeks God has been really working at doing just that! I'm not even close, the road is a long one, but the closer I DO get the more I am reminded that no matter how long it is, how tough it may get...it WILL get, no matter what...it is worth it! :) It really is.

God has been showing me just how fallen and sinful I still am--just because I am saved, does not make me any less human--I still have struggles, I still fall short far too often, though thankfully, God has given me a way out. The amazing thing in all of this is that AS God has been making me realize just how sinful I really am, and how I need His grace, mercy, and forgiveness each and every day, He has also been teaching me just how merciful, gracious, and faithful HE is, because as often as I need (which IS often), He supplies it faithfully. As much as I don't deserve it, He still freely gives it.
Wow! Now if that realization doesn't cause you to be a little more humble, a little more thankful, and a lot more in love with God than when you woke up this morning I don't know what will!! It just amazes me how good God is!

He has been teaching me to truely make Him first in my life...in every area, every aspect. It is certainly nothing I could do on my own--I don't have the strength or power to do that, but it is something GOD can do if I will allow Him to. It can be difficult some days, and even tiresome, but it's worth it! I wouldn't want it any other way. For to have Him first in my life fulfils me in such a way that nothing else ever could.

I want God to write my life's story! I have realized that it IS possible to give God the book of your life, but to still be struggling to hold onto that pen which writes the pages. God doesn't only want us to give Him the book, He wants us to give Him COMPLETE CONTROL of that pen too! To just let go everything and allow Him to write the pages as He desires and knows best--without us fighting to change or trying to influence what is being written. He wants us to trust Him and His way in a way we never have before, knowing that no matter where He leads it is best.

The story God has for you, for all of us, is so much better than the one we could ever write for ourselves. The question is, are you willing to completely let go of the pen that writes the pages? Once you do, God will write you a story that only He could write, a story that far exceeds anything we could ever dream or imagine for ourselves. Will you let go? It IS worth it! :)

God bless you all!
Have a wonderful day, and remember, God loves you, and He IS faithful!

Posted by: Krista | Jul 11, 2005 10:07:39 AM

God is good as I travel throughout New York working with churches and pastors that need some insights in thier ministry to become more effective. I have been a local church pastor for over 30 years, and never have had as much satisfaction as I do now as I help pastors and church leaders and their churches to become more healthy dynamics disciple making churches. Andy McAdams, Pastor to Pastors Ministry, CDI

Posted by: Andy McAdams | Jul 11, 2005 12:30:02 PM

Hi, I new to this blog. My name is Pastor Mike and I am so excited to know that there are many others that have like faith and serve a mighty God! I just wanted share some things that has happened in the past year. First, I just joined a pastoral colleage in a new plant and it has been a tough year and half!!! Although, I must confess that all the rough times never outweighed the good times God has given us!! I believe that he is the reason that I am still kicking and living! Second, I just became a father and that has been the most wonderful experience on the planet!!!! My boy is now three months and a half ...and he is a joy to watch! Well, I'll leave you with this...."never let the devil see you sweat and always give God his props!!!!"

Serving the King,

Pastor Mike

Posted by: Miguel Monge Jr. | Jul 11, 2005 2:47:43 PM


I'm a pastor of one of those small churches (approx. 115 average attendance) and have had some difficult times the past year and a half - issues of control, etc. that resulted in about 25 people leaving the church. It was a difficult time and yet a time where I was personally lifted up and encouraged not only by the Lord, but by people who have remained faithful in their commitment and their involvement in the church.
This past Sunday, we had a great Discovery Class (membership class) and in the next few weeks, we are looking to welcome about 20 or more people into membership, many of them new believers!
While there are still challenges, as there always will be, I want to encourage those of you who have been faithful to the Lord to hang in there - I've been here over 14 years. God is faithful and God is great!

Posted by: Reay | Jul 12, 2005 6:42:56 AM

I wanted to share a testimony of healing. In the past three years I have sustained three injuries to my back. I had a herniated disk which two surgeons told me must be operated on. The last fall left me with two syrinx in my spinal chord, and these are inoperable. The only thing they can do is drain them when they become too large to keep from destroying your spinal chord.

I began to doubt my calling and ministry. I couldn't understand how God could call me into ministry and then place this great burden on me. My pain level was increasing greatly but I refused any surgery. I knew surgery could lead to more surgery, especially in the back, and I wanted to give my back time to heal naturally.

On Deceember 23, 2004 I had to go to Cleveland Clinic for the syrinx and got snowed in. That morning, in my dreams, the Lord showed me that I was giving my health over into the hands of the enemy as suredly as someone would give their car keys to a well known car thief.

I raised out of bed and said NO to the enemy. From that point, I have not been controlled by the pain and have not had to take pain medication. Even though the pain is not all gone, I am greatly improved.


Posted by: Pastor Sandi | Jul 12, 2005 8:34:47 AM


Once again, I found some encouragement from all of you. Thank you for sharing your victories with me. I too have one as well. As I mentioned when the praise Report was created I would share with you what God is doing regarding my Street witnessing class I'm in. The last time we went out, my team which consisted of two of us, really experienced something wonderful. Right before my partner and I went out we asked God to use us and to know exactly what to say that might lead someone to Christ. And like the faithful God we serve, that prayer was answered immediately. The very first house we approached changed our whole outlook for the rest of the day. As we knocked on the door, a middle aged lady answered and we handed out our church materials and offered to pray with her if she had a need. She was very cautious and kept her screen door locked but something compelled her to make her prayer request known to us. So she asked us to pray for her and her mother. So we prayed and thinking it was over, we proceeded to leave when she opened her screen door and began to tell us about her mother. What followed next was nothing short of a miracle. While we stood there she proceeded to tell us about her mother whom she cared for years had become sick and wasn't expected to live according to her doctor's diagnosis. It was during one of her mother's bad days that she grew tired and fell asleep on the couch. While she slept, God appeared to her in a dream and told her that her mother was going to be healed from her sickness. She then woke up and forgot about it only to remember her dream later on while in the doctor's office waiting to hear about her mother's condition. The doctors's said she was fine and would recover competely. She said she knew God had done a miracle with her mother that day when she had the dream. Then through the leading of the Holy Spirit I told her that God not only healed your mother but also sent us by to tell you that He cares for you and wants you to know that He loves you. No sooner than when I had finished those words, she began to cry uncontrolably and said that she used to go to church but no longer attended and has been looking for a church to go to. We encouraged her to seek God and to visit us anytime then we left. As my friend and I walked down the limestone steps, we both began to cry as we realized that God was using both of us to share the love of Christ with her. I believe that we will do some follow up and that women will come to Christ. It's not what I know right now but what I feel God was doing that day. Friends, I ask you please pray for my witnessing class and I'll pray for you. The harvest is ripe. Let us be encouraged that each one of us God wants to do mighty things through. It isn't the vessel that's special but a God who is faithful to His word. God bless.

Posted by: Pete King | Jul 12, 2005 10:52:35 AM

To sis Krista,

I read your testimony posted July 11 '05. I believed that God had already scripted our life's story even before our birth. No matter what we do, it will not be changed. Our part is to act according to our role and God wanted to see us how we trust & obey the Great Director according to His promises and purpose. For He is God that is so good and can do anything, and surely a God that love us so much that all things is prepared for our good and happiness.

Your sis in the Philippines,


Posted by: Lolita Pinoon | Jul 30, 2005 8:24:32 AM

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