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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Top Ten Reasons Your Church Should Move to a Movie Theatre

Popcorn Gary Lamb is the pastor of a new church plant, Ridge Stone Church in Canton, GA.  Things are taking off so well at RSC that they have to move to a larger facility... in this case a movie theatre.  Gary came up with a great list of reasons it will be great to worship in a theatre setting.  Here they are... hope you enjoy:

10.) Nothing says “church” like the smell of fake butter.
9.) Sermon boring? Just sneak out and play video games.
8.) You can sneak in candy without getting thrown out.
7.) Cup holders in every seat.
6.) Cushy seats make the teaching more tolerable.
5.) Free gum under every seat.
4.) Fellowship Hall? Can you say Zaxby’s and Outback Steakhouse.
3.) Sermons stick to you like your feet stick to the floor.
2.) Due to the stadium seating, every Sunday you can look down on the teaching.
1.) Relive your youth and make out on the back row.

As I remember it, some of the youth did #1 in the back pew every Sunday night while I was growing up (and, no, it wasn't me)  :).

FOR DISCUSSION:  Do you have any top ten lists that you've developed for ministry?  It'd be fun to include some of them here on a weekly basis.  If not, have your hand at it and send along a copy!

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How to choose between listening to a sermon or watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster? Caught between a rock and a hard place. :)

Posted by: Blair Frodelius | Jun 8, 2005 5:51:52 PM

Timing wise, it could be great for the Theatre, too (not too many movie-goers early Sunday morning). I wonder what they charge, and how it compares to leasing some other building... sounds like it may be cheap rent...


Posted by: bernie dehler | Jun 9, 2005 7:06:06 PM

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