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Monday, June 20, 2005

Monday Praise Reports

Microphone We started this last week, and I thought we'd try to keep it going this week... Has has God been doing in your church or spiritual life this past week?  This is your open forum to share the miraculous, the spine-tingling, even the humorous that God is doing through your life and ministry.  (God is doing great things, right?... Then don't keep it a secret!

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The theme of our Sunday Services was "Leaving a Legacy." It was great to see so many people in attendance - several new faces and to know the things we had put in place were there to enable each one to encounter God in their own unique way. It seemed to happen! In addition to a great message, a video clip and a solo w/ background video of "Reach one more for Jesus" really seemed to hit home with several people! Our dads appreciated their gift - a devotional "Be strong in the Lord." So cool that the Holy Spirit is working in so many places simultaneously!

Posted by: LAYNE | Jun 20, 2005 11:06:55 AM

Last week, one of the psalmists of our church, Johnny Sanders (who is also a gospel recording artist), was shot in the face, as someone tried to rob him. Prayer went out throughout the country for him. Everything that God promised that He would do on Johnny's account was done in record time, to the point that yesterday, Johnny was in the worship service. As he shared his testimony and sang 'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus, the power of God swept through the sanctuary with such force, that it was awesome to behold. What a powerful Father's Day gift!

Posted by: Pastor Carol Nash | Jun 20, 2005 11:28:23 AM

Father's Day at Grace Church in Norwalk Ca will go down as a day of Transition. I have been pastoring this great church for 5 months now and when I arrived the attendance was a 70 and yesterday we had well above that and we introduced totally contemporized worship in our morning service and it went over great and we had a full altar at the close of the service full of dads. What a great God day!

Quote from the sermon of the day
A Child is not like to find a Father in God unless that child find something of God in their Father.

Living Love 2005
Wayne Ayer
Senior Pastor

Posted by: Senior Pastor Wayne Ayer | Jun 20, 2005 2:47:33 PM

I don't know if this is a praise report more than a solictation for prayer and direction. I recently went to a minister's conference and made a major decision not to allow the ministry to continue in the spirit of mediocry that we have been in. We are two months behind in the rent and founding members which number approximately 10 are acting as if we have accomplished the task that God has placed before us. Yet, we have only just begun. We are an outreach ministry which means we touch a lot of people's lives with a small amount of people. I am praying for the increase in membershp but more for the spirit of dedication for those who are involved with the ministry now... and the spirit of "stick and stay" for those who visit and/or are assigned to the ministry for the work of the kingdom. I am praying to do all that I do in love... but I am not going to lay still and allow the spirit of apathy to take over the gift that God has given us in this ministry. Please pray my strength.

Posted by: Rev. Wanda | Jun 21, 2005 10:27:23 PM

As I promised I would keep you updated about the witnessing class that I was attending and what I want to share is fantastic. After this weeks training and homework review, we then headed out for the streets and put it to action. We were split up in teams and headed for a different section of town. My team was amazing and not because I was apart of it but because God was doing some amazing things through us. The teacher, myself and another lady knocked on approximately 15 doors. Of course the success wasn't measured by our conversions but by who we spoke to and how each member could contribute to the situation or understand where they where the sinner was coming from. We each took turns leading the way and after a while things greatly improved on our approach. Three individuals in particular come mind who I thought might be worth mentioning here. The first was a young man probably in his late twenties or early thirties who shared with us that he used to go to church and was even envolved in witnessing himself. He wouldn't really tell us about his dropping out of church but his eyes told us something deeper was going on in his life. He seemed to always refer back to "If I am going to make a commitment then I go back." However, I think maybe he was hung up on being perfect and felt that he needed to clean up his life in order to get right. The situation was sad but I'm hopefull that we can help him realize that the Lord takes as we are. Then there was a young teenager who went to church but didn't want to be saved on account that his church condemned his video games. We tried to encourage him and let him know that God will not force himself on you but that as you walk with Him there are things that stay and things that go but we surrender those things because we love Him and want to maintain our relationship with Him. We went on say that as you grow you will want to please God and fullfilling God's desires becomes a part of you. Not being familiar with the games, we purposely avoided the issue and tried to focus on Christ's fullfillment as oppose to rules and regulations. The last person was the most difficult however. It was a young lady who grew up mormon and was raised by a mother diagnosed with MS. On top of the difficulty with a parent diagnosed with such a terrible disease her church family accused her mother of pretending to be ill. She knew God loved her but, she couldn't understand how church people could be so judgemental. Our approach to this situation was simply to reassure her that it wasn't her fault that those things happened to her and that God loved her and sent us her way to let her know that there are Christians who are not here to judge her but only want what's best for her. We then prayed and God moved in a mighty way. Her tears and thankful attitude told us what we did was right. What amazed me the most was that so many of the people we visited had direct ties to the church and that's where the spiritual journey ends. So many people are hurting from church. It's my prayer that we can change all of that. At least for some anyway. Please keep us in your prayers. I'll keep you updated.

Posted by: Pete King | Jun 22, 2005 2:49:28 PM

2 Praise Reports here ;)

1. I was early for a meeting in a distant town. I thought I was late but found I was right on time..God's time. I was waiting on a stoop when a man in his late 20's walked by and asked if I was an artist. I said I was. That I was a musician. I shared about leading WOrship at my Church. He asked me 'what sign are you?' I told him I was a Christian...he asked again as if I didn't hear him..'what sign are you?' A Christian was my reply again. He said he 'kinda' believed in God. I said so are you saved? He said 'kinda'. I asked are you born-again then? He said 'kinda'. I then began to witness that there was no 'kinda' when it came to salvation, born-again saved!!! I shared that God was waiting for him to turn his life around and seek the Lord with His whole heart. He said I sounded like his mother. I shared that this was no mistake that we met and today was the day of salvation. A tear welled up in him and he took a moment and as he was looking into my eyes I told him what the Lord whispered...Tell Him I love him and I am waiting for him to come home. I shared just that and the man thanked me and was heading on. I spoke to him as he was going on..today is the day..praise God...this is the day...and he kept saying thank you..thank you.

I thank the Lord that this one comes. God is on time...may we move in His time more and more!!!

2. Sunday was Prison Ministry. Two days before I had asked the Lord for a direction to share with the Ladies. It is always a blessing to go but this Sunday I had tried to have someone else take my place because I was having car troubles. Still in my attempt to ask another, she said she would try. The night before going I asked the Lord if I was still to go for Him to give me a sermon that the Ladies needed to hear. He gave me one word..BOAT....and from there the Holy Spirit stirred and within my heart the idea was birthed and fed. When Sinday came the person I was hoping could take my place begged for me to go with her. I did because the Lord wanted me to go after all. Sharing with the Ladies in prison was more than I had even imagined. Many opened their hearts and became real with the Lord. Many were changed and saw the importance of not blaming God or others for their choices in life...to the best of my understanding..All eyes were open and realized they needed to keep their eyes on Jesus...whether He is in the boat sleeping, talking, or walking on the water, or waiting on the other side...but with their eyes on Jesus they will make right decisions, Godly decisions.....amen...Just sharing...I know hearts were changed...my was too (smiles)

Glory and thanks to God in the Highest for His mighty work, His unfailing Love and His endless grace and mercy. AMEN

With God All things are possible!!!
Blessings to all,
Paula Kay

Posted by: Paula Kay | Jun 27, 2005 11:35:27 PM

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